Samen 15.000km voor Artsen Zonder Grenzen tegen Covid-19!

Syus stimuleert gezond en verantwoord sporten en sponsort lopers en fietsers om gedurende 10 weken het beste van zichzelf te geven en te sporten voor het goede doel. Een halve of volledige marathon per week is misschien een mooie uitdaging? Iedereen mag deelnemen en kan zelf ook extra sponsors aanbrengen zodat er zoveel mogelijk geld ingezameld wordt ten voordele van Artsen Zonder Grenzen (COVID-19).

Médecins Sans Frontières

Doctors Without Borders is an international organisation that runs hundreds of projects in over 80 countries. Its teams pull out all the stops to provide victims of war, natural disasters and epidemics with the care they need. To make this possible, they are careful to remain independent from all possible political, economic, military or religious leaders. Because they are funded for 98.5% by private citizens, they can steer an independent course and offer assistance wherever they wish. The organisation is neutral and has a single purpose: serving the best interests of their patients.And the weaker and more vulnerable the patients, the harder they will fight for them. In their field hospital, operating theatre, mobile aid station and, if necessary, also in the public arena.

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