4 weeks of solidarity to save as many lives as possible alongside Damien Foundation!

With your school, your class, your friends, take up the challenge. Together, choose a country to join and a number of lives to save, and each contribute at your level to achieve the goals! Your enthusiasm and your energy will be the key to sporting and solidarity success. You don't like to run. You can walk and take advantage of creative challenges on social networks to make a difference. Sign up for a unique adventure and stand out to win our many prizes and make a difference in the fight against tuberculosis because “Taking action is contagious.”

Damien Foundation

Damien Foundation is a medical development NGO which has been involved since 1964 in the global fight against leprosy, tuberculosis and other diseases typically linked to poverty, such as leishmaniasis. Damien Foundation is a pluralist, independent and apolitical organization.

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