A moonshot for Doctors Without Borders!

SNCB is launching a corporate challenge in support of Doctors Without Borders. Do you enjoy walking, jogging or cycling? You can now do it for a good cause. The distance you walk or cycle to work counts as well. Remember to comply with the guidelines at all times! This time, we’ve set the bar much higher than last year : our target is the distance between earth and moon, i.e. 384,400 km. This is the first action within the scope of a structural partnership between SNCB and Doctors Without Borders. This challenge is aimed at all SNCB employees in active service.

Doctors Without Borders

In the wake of the current pandemic, Médecins Sans Frontières teams are facing an unprecedented crisis situation that affects the entire world population. Today, MSF continues to provide medical assistance to populations whose lives or health are threatened by armed conflict, epidemics, pandemics or natural disasters. However, for this event, we want to focus on the need for oxygen that we all require, without exception. Our teams are helping people suffering from COVID-19, providing emergency care and also supplying oxygen cylinders to the places that need it most in Manaus, Brazil. Together with our teams we can save more lives.

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