Together 80.000 kilometers for Doctors Without Borders!

SNCB, YPTO, Infrabel, TUC RAIL and HR Rail start a challenge to support MSF.  Do you like walking, jogging or cycling? You can do so now for a good cause. It goes without saying that the government measures during the corona crisis should be respected. The kilometres that you cover to go to work, on foot or by bike, will of course be taken into account. The challenge is to cover 80 000 km by 30 June 2020. Together. These 80 000 km will raise money for MSF. If we manage to reach this goal together, the Belgian Railways will donate 40 000 euros to Médecins sans Frontières.

Doctors Without Borders

The current pandemic places the teams of Doctors Without Borders in an unprecedented global crisis. Their activities are expanding every day and the focus in the projects is always on the most vulnerable population groups, and this is no different in Belgium. In Belgium, Doctors Without Borders focuses in on supporting 3 major vulnerable populations: 1) Migrants and homeless people: In Brussels, MSF set up a triage and reception structure of 50 beds to receive, isolate, medically monitor and refer to hospitals suspected corona patients among migrants and homeless people. The capacity can be increased to 150 beds. 2) Elderly: 150 nursing homes receive punctual assistance from MSF mobile teams that focuse on: health promotion, identifying corona patients and infection prevention and control. 3) Hospitals: MSF supports hospital centers in the north and south of Belgium to increase their admission capacity, provide technical support and training, if necessary.

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